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We offer innovative mobile signal solutions in form of the best mobile signal boosters to ensure that you are always connected. Our mobile signal boosters will serve you anywhere in the France. At MobileBoster, we understand your situation and have a solution to your problem.

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Our Signal Boosters Work on Every Network & Every Carrier in France
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How it works

We all know how nauseating it can be if you wake up, check your mobile phone to catch up on the latest news, only to get a poor signal reply. It even gets worse when you cannot communicate with your friends, family, employees and business contacts because your calls are dropped.


Recevoir le Signal

L'antenne des boosters atteint la tour cellulaire pour accéder aux signaux vocaux et de données.


Signal de boost

L'amplificateur reçoit le signal extérieur, l'amplifie jusqu'à 32 fois et l'envoie à l'antenne intérieure.


Augmente le signal

L'antenne interne diffuse le signal amplifié aux périphériques de la maison.

How it works

What Our Signal Boosters Cover


We have mobile boosters that can help you cover whatever area within your home that requires covering.


We are offering you the best mobile phone signal booster. Caters for offices ranging from 300 sq. metres to 5000 sq. metres.


We provide you with mobile signal boosters for a hotel of up to 600 sq. metres and another one for up to 1500 sq. meters.

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